Who would win in a fight?

This question may seem funny and trivial but this is clearly a legitimate question.

I mean really, who would win the epic battle of Chicken vs Lobster? And will it be on pay per view.

Stinky beer farts

This has been the topic of conversation around colleges and local bar fly's since beer was first

Swimming pool speedo question

Checkout this hilarious question posted by some speedo wearing wiseguy.
Its difficult to tell if these questions are even real.

Do girls know they have boobs?

Perhaps one of the silliest yahoo questions to date, and the answer is obviously no, no they do not. Girls do not know they have boobs!

How can a 15 year old girl lose weight really fast?

The proper answer for this question is simply eat a healthy diet and then exercise. All your troubles will be washed away. Was that funny or what?